The End Times Are Upon Us, All Hope Is Lost

They came from nowhere and everywhere at once, an avenging horde of frightful spirits, and they poured from the fissure as it opened up. Roaring with a vengeance, they overturned the old oak tree and would not let up, no matter how the doors were barricaded or which plants were torn to shreds and scattered in esoteric symbols on the floor. From out in the universal haze which blanketed the prairie like a thick smog came the noise of trumpets- horns that shattered eardrums and spliced the synapses, frnezied musical constructions that defied comprehension, brass monstrosities that reduced the clade to a cowering shell of its former self, cut off from the outside world by the damned mist and caught in the void between, and all the while came the noises from the spirit army, watching and waiting.

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In these times we see things that are not there, we hear things we do not want to hear. Several beloved and trusted members have reported lights in the distance, cars that pass through walls, a strange wailing in the alley on Emerson, among other things. We would like to reassure you that these are not anything to be concerned with. New information will be revealed as it comes out, but above all else, do not be alarmed.

Do not be alarmed.

There is nobody at the threshold.