June 18, 1998-June 18, 2020

22 Years Of Trancendence In Antares' Name

Preparation For Yreyehr

During the process of ascension, one must maintain complete clarity of mind and body. This is a necessity.

Minute particles may breach the skin at lightning speeds. This is to be expected. With each cycle, the body breaks. Snaps. Turns sour like a leaf caught in the wind. Relax. Let it happen. The benefits far outweigh the risks.

Casualties and universal anomalies are a side effect of use. Anyone within a 5 mi. radius may undergo severe audiovisual hallucinations or reality breaches. Disregard all casualties. Antares will see that balance is restored in the end. Upon completion of cycle, sequester Paer Dharate in isolated area and activate cloak. Now, spread the scarlet gospel and encourage conversion.

There are no third parties in the process, despite what rumors may be going around.

Use is contingent on full conversion and belief in the power of Antares. Those who do not give their mind and soul to the scorpion may be disrupted and disposed of upon the journey. Thus, complete concentration during lectures and meetings is key.